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The way you manage your benefits online has changed

Your account benefits all in one place

The way you access your Bank of Scotland Added Value Account benefits online has changed. We gave you details of this change in the recent letter that we sent to you.

Instead of visiting this website to manage your Mobile Phone Insurance and Save What Matters benefits, you can now do so from one easy-to-manage place – Bank of Scotland Internet Banking. Once securely logged on to Bank of Scotland Internet Banking, you’ll no longer need to use separate sign in details for Mobile Phone Insurance.

Your access to the Save What Matters website will also move to Bank of Scotland Internet Banking, however, you’ll still need to sign in using your separate sign in details for now.

You will need to be registered for Bank of Scotland Internet Banking to use this feature and take care of your benefits online, because direct access to this website has closed. All of your existing information is still securely held, the only thing we are changing is how you access it.

If you are not already registered for Bank of Scotland Internet Banking it is important that you register so that you can continue to manage your Added Value Account benefits online. Go to for more information

You can also manage your AVA benefits by calling Membership Services:

Silver customers: 08456 02 02 01
Platinum customers: 08456 02 12 22
Gold customers: 08456 02 02 11
Premier Customers: 08456 03 33 99


Calls will be monitored and recorded. The Mobile Phone Insurance option in Membership Services is open Mon – Fri 8am – 8pm, Weekends 9am – 6pm